Final Project Part One (Youth Violence and Video Games)

December 3, 2009

It is no secret to anyone that the media has a considerable amount of influence on our everyday thoughts and feelings. There are the beautiful models they reveal on television everyday, which naturally plays with the heads of females everywhere. There are the millions of reality shows, leading us to believe that fairy tales happen in real life. There is music, some all too suggestive, that confuses the minds of young ones. There is something else, something that competes with the population of youth. Video games play with the minds of children. They are harmful to the youthful population, and should be terminated before this violence becomes out of control.

The Center for Disease control stated, “In 2006, 5,958 young people ages 10 to 24 were murdered, an average of 16 each day.” The amount of youth crime cases has been increasing, and there is controversy about why it is increasing in such a way. The playing of violent video games with children and teens has become extremely widespread. Violent games such as Halo, Grand Theft Auto, and are sold everywhere, and the popularity of these games is skyrocketing. The Youth Violence Prevention Center writes, “A 2001 review of the 70 top-selling video games found 89% contained some kind of violence. Almost half of all games (49%) contained serious violence, while 40% contained comic violence. In 41% of the games, violence was necessary for the protagonists to achieve their goals. In 17% of the games, violence was the primary focus of the game itself.” These statistics confuse me, and it baffles me that the parents allow the playing of these games. What good comes of this?

Violence, whether it is youth violence or not, needs to be stopped. Having children sit and play video games where the primary goal is to kill people is not something we want our children taking part in. The mind of a child is too vulnerable to be playing games where they can kill people whenever they want. The fact of the matter is, it desensitizes kids to make them feel like there are no consequences with murdering people in these games. They can shoot someone in the chest, walk away, and do it again without ever thinking of a family they may have, or accomplishments they might have achieved in the past. These video games are not reality, and the Louisiana Legislation is respectable for trying to fight for what they, and I, believe is right.


Myth of the Boring Topic

November 3, 2009

Buffalo Wild Wings Menu: Does this menu effectively advertise the appeals of the sauces they offer?

Cards: Should cards necessarily promote gambling?

CD: Should CD’s be made anymore, or should everything be off itunes/music downloading programs?

Lighter: Do lighters sold in gas stations promote teen smoking?

Film: Should you have to have permission to take someone’s picture?

Coin: Are coins going to become extinct?

Business Card: Have PC’s become a part of the past?

FW 8: Hot Topic

November 3, 2009

I’m normally not one to get mad about a lot of things at all..sure, I have a few pet peeves, but nothing so serious that I actually really get so mad. However, the one thing that I absolutely hate is bullshitters. People who are so fake actually really upset me. Being a girl, i’ve been exposed to my fair share of people (girls especially) that simply aren’t real people. I don’t only mean on the outside, with their image. If people want to get botox in their face, plump up their lips, or get a boob job, I just think sure, okay that’s your choice. But I absolutely can’t stand people who are 2 faced; people that say one thing to your face and turn around and say a different thing behind your back. Because of this, I have removed myself from girl world, especially at home. I have about 2 best girlfriends who have the same attitude as me, and the rest are guys. I don’t mean to say that just girls are like this, guys certainly are if you know me, and we’re friends, you’re not a bullshitter. yay!

FW 8: Favorite Halloween Costume

October 22, 2009

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays ever. I love being able to be whoever I want for just one day. My mom is a very festive person, and we love holidays. We would stay up late at night when it became early October and brainstorm all sorts of awesome halloween costumes. We would never go out and buy a halloween costume, my mom would always make them from scratch. Through all my years of being a pumpkin stuffed with Wegmans bags, or phantom of the opera with half of my face made out of a milk carton, I would have to say my favorite was being a “50’s girl.” My mom made us THE most beautiful poodle skirts you will ever see, and I still have them today. They had a sparkly band around the waist, and poodles on the lower part of the skirt made out of cotton balls and glitter for the collar. I’m telling you, it was pure amazing. I loved it so much, I think I must have been a 50’s girl for at least 5 Halloweens.

FW 7: Grow Up

October 20, 2009

What do I want to be when I grow up? It’s so hard to figure out these days exactly what I want to do.. The possibilities are endless, and there are so many opportunities that are given. When I was little, I would say I want to be an astronaut, or a teacher. And it would be easy, just like that. But now, there are so many other things to think about when you say what you want to be. Just like my mom, I want to be the best mom in the whole entire world. I want to be there for my children, and put forth 100% in making their lives loving and wonderful. If I don’t give my career up for my children, however, I would love to be Food Network’s most popular TV star.
I would like to have my very own cooking show that my viewers could not live without. I would have travel series, where I would have to go around the world and showcase different types of cuisine, but only the good kinds, much like Rachael Ray’s show. I actually want to do a lot like what Rachael Ray does…minus the tabloid rumors and the crappy talk show. She is a wonderful cook though. While doing all of this traveling and cooking for Food Network, I would like to be Bobby Flay’s wife.

FW 6: Favorite Toy

October 20, 2009

My favorite toy when I was younger was my American Girl Doll. I had Samantha, and she was everything to me. I would bring her everywhere, dress her everyday, and even dress for for the holidays. She had a bed right next to mine where I would tuck her in every night. She was the most beautiful and amazing companion I ever had as a little kid. My sister had felicity. I remember one Christmas, my parents had gotten us a wooden table set for our American Gril Dolls, and it had a china tea set to go with it. I remember opening it, and thinking I was going to melt. I had matching outfits with my Samantha Doll. Towards the end of my Samantha stage, her fingers were all brown because I took her everywhere and did so much with her. I remember when something would go wrong, we would have to send her away to the American Girl Doll hospital, which was actually just a factory. They would stitch her back up, or give her new hair, and she would come back good as new.sam

FW 5: 5 Things

October 6, 2009

5 things I can’t live without…hmm. Well for starters, my family. They are what keep me going in life. If I didn’t have my mom and my sister, I don’t know what I would do.
Second, my dog. I love him more than anything in the world. He has the best personality out of any dog i’ve ever met. He loves me more than anything too, I just know it!
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Although I hate to admit it, technology is extremely important in everyone’s lives these I’m going to have to say some form of technology (computer) is needed, because that’s how our world survives. This next thing isn’t tangible, but it is one of the most important things I need in life, and that is my values. I take pride in the fact that I possess strong values, and a level head. These things are a necessity in my life. The last thing I can’t live without is food! I have such a strong culinary respect, and I very much enjoy cooking food, and of course eating it too!

INF Bordo

September 29, 2009

Bordo says, “we are bombarded by so many idealized images of the human body that we may not even notice when or how they distort our sense of self.” I know exactly what she is talking about. The media, especially today, is extremely naive when it comes to body image. They have the idea that there is an exact way that a person should look. This media sends it’s ideas to people all over the world, creating quite a problem. Anyone who attends Hobart and William Smith will realize that a lot of the people here are pretty. Well, I mean beautiful. It seems that everywhere I look there is someone tall, beautiful, and blonde just towering over me. I run into this every day, and I have learn to come to terms with the fact that everyone here is just plain “textbook” pretty. In one afternoon on campus, I can walk around and see so many pretty people in one place, it scares me. I can relate to this definition of “pretty” because the way the media around us brainwashes us into thinking there is only one way to be pretty.

FW 1: First Concert

September 24, 2009

The first concert I ever went to was Billy Joel, OF COURSE! I live in Syracuse, NY and Billy Joel came to play at the Dome! It was a huge deal, there was lots of excitement in our nice city of Syracuse. I’ve been to many concerts since the, the majority being Dave Matthews concerts. However, my first concert experience was unlike any other i’ve ever had. Why you ask? I went with my parents. It was March of my freshman year of highs school, and it was a “family affair.” I remember walking into the big, concrete filled dome seeing the stage, the lights, and the thousands of people waiting to witness the brilliant piano playing of Billy Joel. We had wonderful seats. I remember he came up miraculously playing “Angry Young Man” and that was the first “concert excitement” I’ve ever had.

FW 2: Parachute Post

September 24, 2009

Oh shit! Sorry for swearing, God. My cord broke, and now there’s no way to have a safe land. So I guess I’m going to die. Well, thanks for everything you’ve done for me. I’ve had a wonderful life. Please take good care of my mom, she’s the greatest mom in the whole world! Watch over Mary in Ireland. I’m sure she’s going little crazy over there. Also, make sure Evan is in good hands. He’s such a wonderful person. He’s actually been what has kept me sane. And he’s my best friend too! Of course, let my family and friends know that I love them so much and I’m so thankful for everything. Thanks for everything, God!